30% Increase in the Value of the UK’s Private Rental Sector Properties (PRS)

Sirius Property Finance has analysed the current PRS sector by looking at the level of stock, the current market value, the current average yield and how this has changed since 2019. 

The latest figures show that the overall size of the PRS has grown by 2.4 per cent across England since 2019, with now a total of 4.876m properties making up privately rented homes sector. 

The South East has had the biggest growth with a 9.1 per cent increase, followed by the South West which is up 7.4 per cent, and then the North West which is up 3.8 per cent.

However, the East Midlands has reduced by 9.9 per cent, Yorkshire and the Humber is down by 0.4 per cent and the East of England down 0.3 per cent when compared to the PRS stock prior to the pre-pandemic market. 

The analysis also claims that the current total value of PRS stock is £1,536 trillion in England alone, having seen a 30 per cent increase in the value since 2019 alone. 

At an estimated £575.7 billion, London has seen the smallest increase in value since 2019, at 16 per cent. The South West has seen the largest rise - up 41 per cent. 

Of the 4,876m rental homes across England, there are just 130,272 that are currently listed as available to rent, which equates to just 2.7 per cent of all PRS stock.

A spokesman for Sirius said, “This growth, combined with the high rates of house price appreciation seen throughout the pandemic, have pushed the total value of the sector to a quite remarkable level.”

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