Is Buying Near a UK Golf Course a Hole-in-One for Property Investors?

As the excitement of the Ryder Cup takes centre stage, the world of property investment is also teeing up for an exciting game. New research has highlighted the potential premiums associated with properties near prestigious golf courses across the UK. In this captivating news blog by Magnate Assets, we'll explore whether investing near a golf course is a stroke of genius for property investors.


England's Golfing Hotspots:

The United Kingdom boasts an impressive tally of approximately 1,790 golf courses, with the majority in England. Leading the pack as England's golf course hotspot is Yorkshire, proudly home to 139 courses.


Fore! Property Premiums Near Golf Courses:

Quickmove Properties, a research-driven real estate company, has delved into house prices across postcodes encompassing 30 of Britain's top golf clubs. Their findings reveal an intriguing trend—on average, properties near these golfing gems command a price tag of £265,954. This figure represents a remarkable 10% premium compared to properties in the broader local authority areas housing these illustrious courses.


A Premium in Prestige:

Topping the charts in this premium pursuit is Fife's KY16 postcode, a region synonymous with the renowned golf links at St Andrews and Kingsbarns. Here, the average house price stands at an impressive £313,787—surging 79% higher than the broader Fife average of £175,568.


Sunningdale's Splendor:

Another notable mention is the SL5 postcode of Sunningdale Golf Club, ranking third in Britain and securing the highest price premium in England. Properties in this prestigious area come at a substantial 67% premium compared to their counterparts in the surrounding region.


Swansea's Golfing Glory:

Over in Swansea, Pennard Golf Club takes the spotlight with the highest golf clubhouse price premium in Wales and the second highest in Britain. The SA3 postcode boasts an average house price of £335,998— an impressive 76% above the broader Swansea average.

Mark O’Dwyer, Sales Director at Quickmove Properties, offers insight: "Golf is one of our favourite national pastimes, especially for people in or approaching retirement. It can be a costly pursuit once you account for equipment, membership, green fees, and a regular stop at the 19th hole. It’s also likely to cost a fair bit more if you want to reside close to a golf club, with house prices commanding a 10% premium across the nation’s top 30 clubs alone."

So, as you contemplate your next property investment move, consider whether being close to the fairways and greens might be the ace up your sleeve. Whether it's the allure of prestigious golfing destinations or the lifestyle associated with them, investing near a golf course is your ticket to scoring a hole-in-one with your property portfolio.

Stay tuned with Magnate Assets for more insights into the fascinating world of property investment.

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