Property has Increased by Over 240% in Some Areas of London Since 2009

UK property has rebounded at an incredible rate since the financial crisis, and after the recession that ended in 2008.

The network of personal estate agents examined house price data since July 2009, and adjusted for inflation to reveal where has been the best places to have bought a property in the UK in that time.

The property market has rebounded at an incredible rate, with the average UK house price climbing by 81.2%. Even after adjusting for inflation, UK house prices have increased by 28.9% – a £65,990 jump in value.

Greater London has seen the largest uplift after adjusting for inflation, with house prices up 48.7%, followed by the East of England (45%) and Southeast (42%).

It’s a similar story at a more localised level, with London dominating the top 10 areas to have enjoyed the largest rates of house price growth since the last market crash. In Waltham Forest, inflation-adjusted house price growth sits at a notable 83.2%, followed by the City of London at 81.6% (or 240% before inflation-adjusted), with Hastings the best-performing area outside of the capital, up by 71.4%.

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