UK Landlords Optimistic About Expanding Buy-to-Let Portfolios

In a recent survey conducted by Lendlord, over 200 landlords in the UK have expressed their confidence in the real estate market by planning to expand their buy-to-let portfolios. The survey revealed that while 42% of landlords intend to focus on renting out their existing properties, an encouraging 38% are looking to broaden their property portfolio within the next 12 months.

The survey also shed light on investment priorities, with landlords showing a keen interest in enhancing the value of their properties (45%) and increasing rental income (38%) over the upcoming year. Additionally, 17% of respondents expressed a desire to diversify their portfolios, indicating a dynamic approach to investment strategies.

In terms of financing, 40% of investors plan to leverage existing equity in their portfolio, while 35% are considering taking out new mortgages or loans. Notably, 25% are open to partnerships to realize their property ambitions, demonstrating a collaborative investment approach.

Aviram Shahar, CEO of Lendlord, commented on the survey results, stating, "Despite facing various challenges, landlords exhibit a strong inclination to expand and invest in their portfolios in the next twelve months."

Looking towards the future, the survey indicates a robust sentiment among landlords, with 82% expressing a desire to continue growing their property portfolios. Only 13% aim to focus on managing existing portfolios, with a mere 5% prioritizing steady passive income.

Shahar emphasized, "Landlords demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit, evident in their determination to seize available opportunities and achieve investment goals. With high demand for rental properties and potential for capital appreciation and income growth, buy-to-let investments remain appealing in the long run."

The survey results underscore a positive outlook among UK landlords, reflecting their confidence in the resilience and potential of the real estate market.

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