UK Mortgage Rates continue to fall - Buy To Let rates drop below 4%

Mortgage rates continue to witness a downward trend, with several lenders announcing new deals and anticipating further reductions in the coming days.

As of yesterday, the average two-year fixed homeowner mortgage rate has dropped to 5.62%, down from Monday's 5.66%, as reported by Moneyfacts. Moreover, Tuesday morning's average five-year fixed homeowner mortgage rate stood at 5.24%, a decline from the previous day's 5.28%, indicating a favourable trajectory.

HSBC UK, in a recent announcement, disclosed reductions of up to 0.4% on its homeowner mortgage range. The cuts apply across various categories, including first-time buyers, home movers, and switcher options.

“We’re pleased to announce cuts to mortgage rates across our UK residential range for first-time buyers and home movers, as well as some reductions on our switcher range,” stated a spokesperson from HSBC UK.

The Mortgage Works (TMW) has introduced reduced rates for buy-to-let borrowers, featuring a two-year fixed-rate deal at 3.69% for those with a 35% deposit seeking to purchase or remortgage a property. Joe Avarne, Senior Manager of Buy-to-Let Mortgages at TMW, emphasised that these changes underline their continued support for landlords and the sector.

Notably, other major lenders, including NatWest, Metro Bank, and TSB, are also part of the trend, making reductions in response to the decreasing inflation rate. Analysts are speculating that the Bank of England might implement multiple interest rate cuts this year, potentially lowering the benchmark interest rate from 5.25% to below 4%.

While the current rates are significantly lower compared to the previous year, it's worth noting that they remain higher than the levels observed for almost a decade until late 2021. This presents a compelling opportunity for overseas investors seeking favourable terms in the evolving mortgage landscape.

As rates continue to show a downward trajectory, now might be an opportune moment for international investors to explore advantageous mortgage options in the UK market. Stay tuned for further updates as the financial landscape evolves.

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