Positive Outlook for Investors: Falling Interest Rates and Expanding Ex-Pat Mortgage Options

As competition heats up among lenders, the landscape for buy-to-let mortgages is becoming increasingly favourable for investors. Here’s a look at the latest developments that make this a prime time for property investment.

Rate Reductions Across the Board

Landbay, a prominent lender, has announced significant rate reductions across its two- and five-year fixed-rate products. These cuts aim to attract more landlord customers by offering competitive rates.

1. Two-Year Fixed Rates: Landbay has reduced rates by up to 0.10%, with starting rates now at 4.24% at 75% loan-to-value (LTV) with a 6% fee. These reductions apply to the entire two-year fixed range, excluding large houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), multi-unit blocks (MUFBs), and tracker products.

2. Five-Year Fixed Rates: Similar reductions have been made to the five-year fixed rate range, now starting at 4.74% at 75% LTV with a 7% fee. Zero-fee products are available, with specific exceptions for large HMOs and two standard five-year fixed options—one with a £1,299 fee and another with a 2% fee—both seeing a 0.5% reduction.

Enhanced Options for Ex-Pat Investors

Suffolk Building Society has also joined the trend, focusing on ex-pat holiday let and ex-pat buy-to-let products. The mutual has announced rate cuts of up to 30 basis points (bps), alongside extended end dates for these deals.

1. 80% LTV Ex-Pat Holiday Let: Two-year fixed rates have been cut by 30 bps to 6.09% (previously 6.39%), with the term extended until October 31, 2026.

2. 80% LTV Ex-Pat Buy-to-Let: Rates have been reduced by 10 bps to 5.99% (previously 6.09%), also extended until October 31, 2026. Additionally, a two-year fixed option with a 3% completion fee is now at 5.29%, extended until the same date.

Metro Bank’s Enhanced Criteria

Metro Bank has made several enhancements to its interest-only and buy-to-let mortgage criteria, further benefiting investors.

1. Interest-Only Mortgages: Now offer higher LTV access at 80%.

2. Buy-to-Let Mortgages: Affordability stress rates are now set at the product interest rate for five-year fixed-rate products or remortgage applications without additional capital raising. The number of properties a customer can mortgage with the lender has increased to 10, or up to a maximum aggregate mortgage debt of £10 million. Updates have also been made to income coverage ratios.

The Takeaway for Investors

These recent changes present an excellent opportunity for property investors. With mortgage rates decreasing and more favourable terms being introduced, the conditions are ripe for expanding your investment portfolio.

For ex-pat investors, the reduced rates and extended terms from Suffolk Building Society provide an attractive option to invest in UK properties. Additionally, the enhanced criteria from Metro Bank make it easier to secure larger loans and manage multiple properties.


The competitive adjustments in the buy-to-let mortgage market are creating a more investor-friendly environment. Whether you are a domestic or ex-pat investor, now is an opportune time to consider expanding your property investments in the UK. With lower rates and more flexible mortgage options, the potential for strong returns has never been better.

For the latest updates and expert insights into the UK property market, stay tuned to Magnate Assets. Explore our property listings and investment opportunities to make informed decisions and capitalise on the favourable market conditions.

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