UK Property Values Remain Resilient - North West is Leading the Way

In the dynamic landscape of the UK housing market, Magnate Assets presents insights into the resilience of property values throughout 2023, as revealed by research from Zoopla.


Key Findings:

Steady Growth Across the Nation:

  • Despite market fluctuations, six in 10 homeowners witnessed their property values either increasing or remaining stable over the past year.
  • Approximately three million homeowners experienced value gains of 5% or more, with an average increase of £7,800, indicating a daily rise of £21. Although this figure is slightly lower than the previous year's average gain of £19,700, it still underscores the overall positive trajectory of property values.



Regional Disparities:

  • A distinct North-South divide emerged, with regions in the North experiencing larger value increases compared to the South.
  • In the North West, half a million homes (17% of houses) saw value gains of over 5%, amounting to an average increase of £13,200 per property.
  • Scotland followed closely, with approximately 16% of homes witnessing value gains of 5% or more.


Challenges in Southern England:

  • While the majority of homeowners saw their property values rise, over four in 10 UK homes experienced a decline in value by at least 1%.
  • Particularly in the South of England, 18% of homeowners in the East of England and the South East faced home value decreases of 5% or more.



Insights from Izabella Lubowiecka, Senior Property Researcher at Zoopla:

  • Lubowiecka highlights that while national house price indices indicated modest falls, property-level tracking revealed that most homes maintained or slightly increased in value throughout 2023.
  • Value reductions were primarily observed in southern England, while lower-priced, more affordable housing markets recorded modest gains.


In conclusion, Magnate Assets' analysis of Zoopla's research underscores the resilience of property values across the UK, with regional variations reflecting diverse market dynamics. Despite challenges, the housing market continues to exhibit robustness, presenting opportunities for investors to navigate and capitalize on emerging trends.

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